Year End Party “WOW 2024” – Zitga’s Impressive Celebration

Date 14/03/2024

The Year End Party with the theme “WOW 2024” marks the end of 2023 and promises a new year, 2024, filled with fantastic breakthroughs, seizing opportunities, overcoming challenges, and constant innovation. Zitga aims to create strong impressions, making everyone say “WOW” and feel proud of Vietnamese gaming.

The party took place at a new and unique space, a bar, marking a special event for Zitga, aiming to bring a memorable and joyful celebration to all Z-ers.

Upon arrival at the party, each member received a package containing a voucher, a pen for playing Bingo, a Luckydraw betting card customized in Zitga’s unique style, a glowing bracelet with the company logo, and, most importantly, a fortune-telling card with various wishes and different values for lucky red envelopes.

Before the main party started, everyone watched a Recap video together to reminisce about the memorable moments of 2023. Then came the Keymoment, where the entire Zitga family counted down together to welcome the new year, 2024.

Apart from delicious food and drinks, there were also fun minigames such as “Guess the Song Name from the Music”, “Bingo”, and an exciting Lucky Draw segment that attracted everyone’s participation.

Finally, everyone joined in free minigames like “Dance Battle”, “Drinking Game”, and a “Party with the DJ” session to end the truly memorable party. Let’s look back at some of the memorable moments from Zitga’s Year End Party “WOW 2024” program.

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