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About Us


Zitga Vietnam Joint Stock Company (Zitga Studio) was established in September 2015 operating in the field of manufacturing and distributing Mobile games. Over 4 years of establishment and development, Zitga has achieved certain success with products and created a great resonance in the Mobile Game start-up community in Vietnam. With a team of young people with the spirit of warriors, Zitga always requires high quality and creativity in its products to make the Company become an international-level Game publisher.

With the mindset “There is always something better” Zitga is never satisfied with the success achieved. Zitga set a goal of growing and expanding more, launching many new and quality games and becoming Unicorn Startup’s company in Vietnam’s Mobile Game segment within the next 5 years.

Zitga was born with the mission of bringing Vietnam’s Mobile Game industry on a par with the world by releasing many interesting and interesting Game made by Vietnamese people. Zitga focuses on building an open, professional, shared working environment for mutual development, taking people as the foundation. Creating value for Zitga people so that they feel proud to be part of Zitga and Zitga also proud to have them in the collective.


Never being satisfied with what is there, always constantly creating, innovating, learning


always takes people as the foundation, perfect from the factors in the company. A good team is made up of good individuals, passionate, passionate and pursuing to the end to achieve the work goals.


Share values ​​and knowledge so that each individual in the company has the opportunity In order to develop the best,


Employees have autonomy and self-determination, propose solutions for their work


ways make a difference, innovation and continuous improvement to create high-quality products


Gods work in teams, building together and cooperating to solve problems