International Women’s Day 08/03/2024 – ADMIRE HER

Date 14/03/2024

Recently, Zitga organized the most anticipated event of March: International Women’s Day on March 8th – Admire Her.

At this special event, Zitga’s gentlemen had the opportunity to express their affection to the ladies with sweet songs, beautiful flowers, refreshing ice creams, and meaningful wishes.

In addition, Zitga’s ladies participated in a Perfume Making Workshop guided by Perfumers from Cleopatra Perfume. Here, they experienced and created their own unique fragrances. Each scent reflects the personality of each individual, creating uniqueness and specialness for each person.

Zitga wishes all the ladies to always be beautiful, happy, and confident in being themselves. Thank you to all the ladies for being an endless inspiration, an indispensable half of Zitga.

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