Honoring Women at ZITGA on October 20th

Date 14/03/2024

October 20th at ZITGA’s office became exceptionally special with an impressive event to honor our talented and precious female colleagues.

Upon stepping into the office, the ladies were greeted with beautiful cupcakes and deliciously fragrant milk tea, creating a sweet and cozy atmosphere.

The event became even more exciting with the appearance of Korean heartthrobs, bringing along bouquets and surprise gifts for the ladies. Their presence made the office space more cheerful and warm than ever before.

Furthermore, the ladies also participated in fun minigames and enjoyed nail and eyelash services right at the office. This provided them with the opportunity to relax and beautify themselves right in the workplace.

Congratulations on Vietnam Women’s Day – a special day to honor and recognize the contributions and beauty of our female colleagues!

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